Cracked Walnuts

Jan & Jeff Ausfahl

Concert Programs

Music of Vaudeville features music, stories and humor of the stars from 1890's Vaudeville through Prohibition, such as Al Jolson, Fanny Brice and Eddie Cantor. Even though many of these songs were popular at the time of the Titanic's famous voyage, familiar songs like Carolina in the Morning or Shine on Harvest Moon are still hard to resist singing along with!

Music of the Civil War - the Lighter Side focuses on lighthearted, knee-slappin' songs from the Civil War era. It doesn’t matter which side of the Mason Dixon Line you’re on, you’ll enjoy the popular songs from that era that included Oh Susana, Goober Peas and Yellow Rose of Texas.

Cracked Christmas
is “Christmas as it used to be” with everyone’s favorite, holiday songs.